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Moo Free is an ethical, family-owned UK manufacturer whose factories are based in Devon in England. The company was founded in 2010 by husband and wife team Mike and Andrea Jessop. Mike is lactose intolerant and Andrea has a gluten intolerance. Their son and grandson are both lactose intolerant. 

In 2008 after finding very few dairy free “milk” chocolates were available on the world market (and those that were didn’t taste like milk chocolate) Mike and Andrea decided to do something about it and attempted to make some great tasting, dairy free “milk” chocolate themselves. The pair re-mortgaged their house, purchased some small machinery and ingredients and began trying to learn how to make chocolate. Over the next two years they slowly began to work out how to create a dairy free chocolate that actually tasted like quality milk chocolate.

For years the couple experimented with different flavours, and "forced" hundreds of volunteers to eat samples of their experimental chocolates. They even drafted in their young grandson who also had a dairy intolerance. He loved it, but his mummy wasn't quite so happy because of the chocolatey mess that he made.

Finally, after two years of experimenting they had created the fantastic "milk" chocolate flavour that they were looking for, and in August 2010 the couple launched Moo Free.

Moo Free is there life and their whole life and their baby. It currently supports around 50 staff including just over 50% women and 20% with autism.

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Moo Free has 3 core principles and we strive to apply these principles to everything that we do. They are:

  • Quality
  • Fun
  • Environment
Moo Free Vegan Certified

Moo Free only used high quality ingredients in their products including single origin, organic cocoa from the Dominican Republic and raw, unrefined, organic cane sugar.

We use ethically sourced, organic and vegan friendly ingredients in all of our products. One of the most direct and often overlooked benefits of organic farming is the omission of pesticides creating safer working conditions for farmers and wildlife in the countries where our ingredients are grown. Choosing ingredients that have been organically grown also helps to conserve biodiversity, reduce erosion and the amounts of pesticides in drinking-water.

Moo Free Ethical Packaging

We want to do everything that we can to reduce the environmental impact of our business. To help achieve this we try to make our packaging as sustainable as we can. All our packaging is either recyclable, bio-degrades as quickly as possible or made from recycled material. So, please help us by recycling everything that you can.

Moo Free Zero Waste To Landfill

Who wants to send waste to landfill? Not Moo Free. None of our factories send any waste to landfill and we recycle everything that we can and use what we can’t to generate zero carbon emission energy.

Moo Free Disability Committed

At Moo Free we do not care if you are male, female, black or white, have a disability, were born in a different country or what sexual orientation you may have. What we care about is if you can do your job and that you treat other employees with respect.

We work with a local charity to provide employment for some amazing people who are autistic. As a result around 20% of our workforce normally consists of people with autism. For most of these people it is their first job, which is as wonderful and exciting for us as it is for them.

Moo Free Supporting Holsworthy

We strive to help and support the local community around our factories. As well as providing a lot of employment, the things that we do locally include:

  • Sponsoring the local Bude Ladies football team by paying for their football kits.
  • Sponsoring the local Bude Boys football team by paying for their football kits.
  • Helping to fund St Peter's Fair, which is a free, week-long music and entertainment event which takes place in the town square.
  • Providing funds to help rebuild and improve the local sports and community pavilion.
  • Helping to provide free WiFi in the local town square.

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